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Integrating and Leveraging New Technologies

The Columbia Center for Excellence in E-Business (CEBiz) delivers expertise in how information technology transforms business.

Building on Columbia Business School’s tradition of nurturing premier institutes of research, CEBiz advances e-business theory and industry knowledge on online.

Through rigorous research, dissemination of findings, design of innovative course work and collaboration with companies, CEBiz provides a forum for the dynamic exchange of ideas and practices.

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Professors Sunil Gupta and Donald Lehmann's E-Customer Value Project has been published in the article "Customers as assets," which was awarded the Best Paper award in the Journal of Interactive Marketing in 2003.

The Paul Green Award 2004 has been awarded to CeBiz Member and Professor Asim Ansari for his paper entitled "E-customization" published in the 2003 May issue of the Journal of Marketing Research.

Financial Times article on presumed consent featuring CeBiz research

NPR's Renee Montagne interviews CEBiz Director Eric Johnson on E-Business Growth

CEBiz Director Eric Johnson talks to NPR's Marketplace about defaults

Center researchers examine the role of defaults on organ donation

Center Starts Online Laboratory

CEBiz has launched an online virtual laboratory for research in online decision making, focusing on customers, managers and others. Co-sponsored by the Columbia Center for Decision Research, it will facilitate research with diverse populations

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