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CEBiz conferences, lectures and seminars foster the dynamic exchange of knowledge among e-business theorists, practitioners and students.

Annual Advisory Board Meeting
CEBiz will host the annual meeting of its advisory board on October 11. The board will review research about e-commerce by Columbia Business School faculty members and discuss current trends in the field. It will also be updated on upcoming activities related to e-commerce planned by students through the Technology Business Group.

Composed of leading executives from businesses that use e-commerce, the advisory board includes Amy Binder '94 of RF|Binder Partners; Steve Coffey, MS '88, of The NPD Group, Inc.; Gil Irwin '79 of Booz Allen Hamilton; Charles McCurdy '83 of Primedia Inc.; and Rick Thompson, a venture capitalist.


8-9 a.m.
  I. Continental Breakfast
9-11 a.m.
II. Greetings and Introductions Prof. Eric Johnson
Director, CEBiz
III. Current Projects Business School Faculty
IV. Research Directions Advisory Board and guests
V. Greetings and Remarks Dean Meyer Feldberg
VI. Future Activities Prof. Johnson

CEBiz, founded in 2001, is directed by Eric J. Johnson, the Norman Eig Professor of Marketing, and serves as a nexus for academic research into e-commerce, industry trends and best practices. Sponsors of the center include Booz Allen Hamilton, Citigroup, Inc., and RF|Binder Partners.


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On the cutting edge of e-commerce research, the Columbia Center for Excellence in E-Business (CEBiz) continues to break new ground and make news happen. The center maintains an archive of news articles by and about its members and activities.

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